Pinouts and Schematics

These are the pinouts for the original 8-bit Nintendo controller (7 pins) and and the Famiclone (DB9 or 9 pins). This will help you if you want to build your own adapter:

Official Nintendo Entertainment System Pinouts

Famiclone Dendy FC2003 Pinouts

The colors may differ on your controllers and/or extension cables.  However, the place for each pin – data, strobe, clock, +5V, ground, trigger pull, and light sensor – are all the same.

  1. Now do I connect to the color or the names..

    • Only go by the names.

      Completely ignore the colors – they vary from one manufacturer to the next. The color on your cable is likely to be different from the colors used in mine. I recommend diagramming your own cables using colored pencils to help you sort out which is which (that’s what I did).

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